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Biographie Because I have never seen such a magnificent place since I left Kyoto. I asked,Narrow aisle rack, 'Where is this?' The Second Grade Lady replied, 'Dragon Palace City.' I asked,long span shelving, 'It's a good place, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack upright, isn't there any hardship here?' She said, 'It's clear in the Dragon Animal Sutra. Pray for the blessing of the underworld.' Hearing this, he woke up from his dream. From then on, I concentrated on chanting sutras and praying for their blessings. All this, I felt as if I had experienced six worlds. When the Emperor heard this, he said, "Before his thorough enlightenment, Xuanzang Sanzang in a foreign country had seen the Six Ways,heavy duty racking system, and the Japanese Monarch in our country had also seen the Six Ways through the power of the Tibetan monarchy. It is really commendable that you can see the Six Ways in your mortal body." As he said this, he burst into tears. The attendants and the people in the temple all wet their skirts with tears. The women's courtyard also shed tears, and the accompanying female officials all shed tears on their sleeves. 
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