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Biographie However, Yan Yang was in a special situation, and Yan Dayong also expressed his understanding of him. This thing, you come closer, I tell you. "First, you have to find her." Yan Dayong pulled Yan Yang to his side and seriously talked about the process in his ear. I didn't expect that the most talkative conversation between father and son over the years would be this kind of conversation. Is that going to hurt her? After listening, Yan Yang asked sincerely. Yan Dayong shook his head. Yan Yang raised his eyebrows. "No pain?" Yan Dayong said, "No, you ask me if it hurts. I'm not a woman, and I don't know." Yan Yang looked at Yan Dayong with contempt in his eyes, "You are not the kind of person who loves his wife." Yan Dayong did not expect that he would be taught a lesson by his son, and his tone was somewhat unconvinced, "Why am I not?"? Even if you love her, you have to do so. Otherwise, where did you come from. Don't you have to do it whether it hurts or not? Yan Yang: "…" Yes. Even if she is in pain, she can't help it. I can only say that he will try to be as gentle as possible. I hope he can control his strength. …… Lin Xiaoyue finished taking a bath. She opened the door of the small room, changed Yan Yang to go in to take a bath, and left him half a kettle of water. It's very convenient for Yan Yang to take a bath. It's almost enough to take a towel and wipe it three or two times. When he took a bath, Lin Xiaoyue did not go out and lay in bed staring at him to wipe his body. I usually wipe my upper body and wash my feet casually. Today, because of the reason to carry out that sacred thing, Yan Yang specially washed there. Lying on the bed,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Lin Xiaoyue blushed, turned to look at him from time to time, and shyly turned her head inside. Heartbeat, thump, thump, speed up.. At this moment, there is a kind of ambiguity that is difficult to express in words. But it is undeniable that both of them are nervous. After washing, Yan Yang locked the door of the small side room and came step by step. When he passed the table,Sex Enhancement Powder, he bowed his head and put out the kerosene lamp. Lin Xiaoyue on the bed immediately moved a few minutes inside, giving him half of the bed. On the bed, lifted the quilt, Yan Yang gently lay down behind her, long arm slowly forward, hugged her Yingying a small waist to her front area. The temperature in his chest was boiling hot, and gradually spread to Lin Xiaoyue's back. She was so nervous that she breathed deeply and held the bedding tightly in her little hands. Are you ready? Lowering her head, Yan Yang kissed her earlobe, and her hoarse and deep voice sounded in her ear, as if there was a magic that touched people's hearts. Lin Xiaoyue was so stiff that she dared not move. Yan Yang held her shoulder, forced her to turn to him, and then grabbed her lips and kissed her. Because of nervousness, Lin Xiaoyue trembled slightly, and her eyelashes trembled gently in the dark. Perhaps he felt the nervous mind of the people around him, boldly and gently stroked her chin, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, lips in her ear gently coax, "not afraid." I will be very, very light.. "Yan Yang.." When Lin Xiaoyue opened her lips, she realized that her voice was slightly hoarse. It's a little embarrassing. What's going on.. "If you're really afraid.." Yan Yang suddenly stopped moving, and her little face was deeply frozen by the mold that was so deep that it could hold the vast ocean of the universe. In the darkness, the outline of her face appeared faintly, not very real, but it could make people see her nervousness. "If you're really afraid." Yan Yang paused, "why not next time?" As soon as the voice fell, Lin Xiaoyue's palm clapped him on the shoulder and made a crisp sound. He expressed her resistance and anger with his actions, and Yan Yang chuckled. Okay, I got it.. He said. It turned out that he was not as courageous as she was in this matter. She can take this kind of resolute mind, he still has the behavior that wants to retreat all the time. What a useless man. In the heart secretly scolded oneself, bowed his head, Yan Yang deeply sucked her lips, upper and lower lips slightly wriggle, absorbing her sweet and soft breath. The quilt covers on two people's bodies, the movement is very big, floating up and down. After a while, both of their clothes were thrown out of bed and thrown into the corner. The frequency of the bedding floating up and down is getting bigger and bigger, Yan Yang's five fingers tightly clasped Lin Xiaoyue's five fingers, ten fingers clasped, both of them are secretly exerting themselves.
"Hiss.." Lin Xiaoyue gasped and called out his name in a tone she had never heard before, "Yan Yang.." "I'm.." His voice was still low and magnetic. I've been.. Don't be afraid, I'm.. He spoke in a whisper, and his voice echoed repeatedly in her ears, but it was comforting. This night, the spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold. The next day, Lin Xiaoyue woke up in Yan Yang's arms. She lay on Yan Yang's chest, lips with a faint smile, trance had a very beautiful dream. When I woke up, my mental state was still full and happy. Lin Xiaoyue moved her fingers, saw her and Yan Yang ten fingers interlaced wrist hands, and contentedly continued to lie on the chest of others. Think of her last life has been born single to death, this life finally broke this Shougong sand ah. Lin Xiaoyue is no longer an old maid, nor is she a golden saint in the mouth of others. She can be said to be the happiest woman in the world now! Although now this time, can have such a good husband, there is so much space against the sky, even a lifetime of salted fish. I feel that life is like this. Very good. Of course, think about this matter, in fact, the most satisfying thing is that she gave it to the third brother for the first time. Like also said, the most important thing also handed in. In this way, if the third brother leaves in the future, he should have no regrets. In other words, Lin Xiaoyue has no regrets. Still, she didn't want him to go. Because you don't have to work in the fields, it doesn't matter if you stay in bed all the time. In the courtyard,Quillaja Saponin, from time to time came the sound of voices and footsteps, which was the busy sound of other people getting up early in the morning to wash and eat, and going out to work together. It's someone else's life. 
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