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Biographie Ding Shen caught her and Mei Wo Gu knew that when the Xuan House was built in the past year, Ding Shen caught her and set up several dark roads to escape. Later, it was vaguely known that Xuan Yuxing's granddaughter, Xuan Yuqing, had followed the tunnel. "I believe you," she said indifferently. "I believe you." Liu big childe's hand is quite beautiful. These four men are indeed the top masters of Mongolian skills. See, eight arm muscle surge drum, Qi Qi reach out eight palm clasp to his whole body big point and come. Don't look at them all over the body, this box not only has the momentum of opening up in the external skill, but also has a small machine strength in the position conversion of each finger. Difficult guy, Liu big hoodlum really want to call a halt. But he knew it would be useless. Since it's superfluous, let's do some real work! As soon as he stretched his arms, his body turned and crossed out. In the big rebuke, the four fleshy men have each angrily buckled down, the eight palms can be firmly buckled to the dead town of Liu Da Childe's two arms! Left bow, the woman's heart sinks. Why is this boy so bad? Sigh, but it is from the mouth of the dark demon Yan Di, shaking his head lightly: "Fruit is, a move to win or lose!" " Looking,Flush valve price, I saw Emperor Liu's body and arms rotating and swinging as before. In this area, the four men at the foot of a void, unexpectedly called Liu big childe to spin up. As soon as the cards were shuffled, Emperor Liu laughed loudly and shouted, "Go home!" Really obedient, the four men brushed up and landed on the roof of the Huarong Courtyard. The courtyard was covered with a full roof, and even when it hit the eaves, it rolled down again. Emperor Yan,Self-closing Shower Valve, the Dark Devil, nodded his head and said, "There are really no five people in Jianghu who can do this." With a wry smile, Mr. Liu sighed, "How can there be so many people?" In this compartment, Yan Wuyu hummed with joy and sorrow: "After the first pass, there are still you to deal with.". Don't get ahead of yourself. Slippery Liu took one look at the beautiful woman and shrugged her shoulders. "That day I didn't ask you to give me a good spanking. I really missed a good opportunity." Yan Wuyu blushed and snorted, "It's up to you to speak now. I'll see what this girl will do to you, the slippery prodigal son." "Come on." Liu big childe smile in the mouth, the heart can be bitter. On that day, the reason why he was lucky enough to defeat the Changbai Double Sword was that the two boys surnamed Lou fought hard and damaged the internal force of the two old people. Otherwise, it's really hard to say if someone cuts two points faster with two swords. Big Childe Liu was just beating a drum in his heart when suddenly a column of fireworks burst into the air sixteen or seven feet away from the back of the Huarong Courtyard. This mark is good, it represents that the left bow has succeeded in bringing Mei Wo Gu out. The problem is that now he can become a big hoodlum. Liu emperor this time but bitter face to the home, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Flush Retrofit Kit, how to slip good-looking? Thought, but the corner of the eye caught a glimpse of a figure. It was an old man with white hair and a long white beard. Mr. Liu is happy. Originally, this person was not pleasing to the eye, except now. In particular, the big red bow on the old man's snow-white beard under his chin looked simply beautiful. Six-fingered butterfly "He Bozi, you come at the right time!"! "I owe you one. That's the rule." He Bozi suppressed his anger and said coldly, "If you want, you can take it back now." Liu Dahun, of course, was willing. He nodded hurriedly and almost broke his neck. "As long as you can stop these two old men," he said eagerly, "even if you give me back." Liu Da Childe's estimate is that the dark demon Yandi has already agreed not to do it. Therefore, as long as Mr. He Bozi blocked the killing of the Changbai Double Sword, he was quite sure that he could escape. At the other end, a pair of eyes of the dark demon Yan Di were shining exquisitely. It was not that he didn't know there was an accident when the fireworks exploded in the air just now, but one thing he believed was that as long as he captured Emperor Liu, the loss would be enough to compensate him. He Bozi had already stood in front of the Changbai Double Swords. He looked at them carefully and said, "My usual style is to kill people invisibly." As soon as Song Xueding lifted his Taoist robe, he said coldly, "Are you going to stand up for others today?" Emperor Liu took advantage of their conversation, but when he looked left and right, he retreated.
Inadvertently a cat's eye, but saw the two old men holding knives sneering. Smile is a cold sneer. Seemed to be watching the final struggle of the beast entering the threshold. Damn it, brother, I don't like people to look at it in this way. It's just that I'm thinking about who these two old men are? Absolutely, I have never heard or seen these two old guys in the Central Plains Wulin. He only took a slight step to the left, and the two old men snorted coldly, clasped their palms on the hilt, and looked coldly. Move a step again, immediately is full of sky two front kill machine surge to, spin and did not send. What an amazing domineering. Emperor Liu gave a bitter cry in his heart and rolled his eyes. Then at this moment, suddenly burst out a good killing machine. It was He Bozi and Song Xueding who exchanged hands. As far as Changbai Double Sword is concerned, there is no target for them to attack together except "Emperor" Liu Mengkuang. Even He Bozi, one of the seven killers. Emperor Liu picked up the moment when the fierce brake was raised, and buckled it up perfectly. The body folded and turned in midair, and the direction of the flight was the right. Why? To the left is the origin of the "six-fingered butterfly" He Bozi. In terms of topography, ten feet down the street, there are neighboring houses and buildings. If you run away, it's good to go in that direction. As for the right end, there is at least three feet of flat sand, which is naturally a better place for fighting. Emperor Liu first pretended to move to the left to escape, but actually turned to the right to fight. It's just that Liu Mengkuang, the "emperor", only fights and never runs away all his life. How can he,Prison toilet for sale, as a son, destroy his own prestige? The two swords are impressively golden. There used to be a legend about this kind of sword in the martial arts world of the Central Plains. It is said that it was made by four famous European craftsmen from the extreme west, two famous Russian craftsmen from the extreme west and four famous swordsmiths from the Central Plains during the reign of yuan Renzong Ayurbari Batra. 
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