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Biographie Because the day of the appearance of the imperial concubine was approaching, he said that he could not always tie Xie Sheng to his side. When lecturing, her eyes always unconsciously drift to the direction of Xie Sheng, the teenager has been quietly lying on the table, did not even move. It doesn't matter if he doesn't attend class, as long as he can find a reason to stay with him after school and not let him do dangerous things. The young man's sleeping face was so gentle that he had unconsciously relaxed his vigilance. Wait until the end of the class, the students all left with their books in their arms, and then they packed up their things and turned to wake up Xie Sheng, only to find that he had left at an unknown time. The robe she had put on for him was taken off, folded neatly on the desk, and a few pear blossoms fell on it. He moved slowly, put away his books, took off his solemn clothes, put on a lotus skirt, dressed like an ordinary woman, and then went out. Xie Sheng is anxious to leave nothing more than for his sex palace picture. She, on the other hand, knows where he drew his sex palace. All the way, through the silent path of the Academy, through the bustling downtown,stainless steel tile edge trim, she finally reached the place she wanted to go before it was completely dark. It was a dark, shabby alley, littered with worn shoes and old clothes, all of which were so colorful and vulgar that you could tell at a glance that they were worn by inferior people. On both sides of the alley, there was water of indescribable color, which was smelly. As soon as he took a step, he stepped on a soft thing on his foot. Looking down,stainless steel tile edging, he saw a red and green bellyband. The speech wound silently crushed a few feet on the ground, got off the bellyband on the foot, and the idea of waiting for Xie Sheng to come out here was dispelled in an instant. She stepped forward and tapped on a shabby door with an expressionless face. The door was silent for a long time without a response, so he knocked a few more times with more force. The door was silent for a long time, then continued to knock on the door, so knocked for a long time, the people in the door seemed to be a little helpless by her, and finally very slowly opened the door. The injured eyes looked at the crack of the door that was pulled open without blinking, and the moment the door was pulled open, it was facing a pair of narrow and slightly impatient eyes of the young man. …… Master? The impatience in the beautiful eyes slowly turned into helplessness, as if someone had exposed something that could not be published. The young man opened his lips, and his voice was full of tender beauty. "Yan Shang felt itchy in her heart, but her face was still calm." I came to see your spring. Gong Tu How is the painting going?. Xie Sheng: ".." The young man with black hair and blue robe slowly closed his lips, held his hand on the door frame gently sliding down, china tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, and buried his head low, as if he had given up something in his heart for a moment. Yan injury also did not urge him to speak, do not know how long, Xie Sheng raised his head again, his face was a little paler than usual, but his mouth was hung with a faint smile. Xie Sheng slowly got out of the way and made a gesture to welcome the elder into the door: "Master, please come in and speak." There was only a dimly lit oil lamp in the door, reflecting the lonely stool and bookcase in the middle, and the spring hanging all around. The walls of the palace map It looks very strange. But the words hurt a superfluous words did not say, is very calm went in. The door behind him closed gently, and the air was filled with the strong smell of ink, which was not good. Xie Sheng bent down and moved the only stool in front of him. "Master, please sit down." "I won't sit down." Yan said hurriedly and walked to a picture of spring half a man's height on the wall. In front of Gong Tu He narrowed his eyes slightly. "You draw yours, I.." Take a casual look at it first. Xie Sheng: ".." Be visited by one's own master, one's own painting of spring. Gong Tu It is really not a thing that can make people happy. But the injured face as usual, calm, Xie Sheng stood in place for a long time, and finally lowered his eyes, moved the stool back, and continued to paint. Since she doesn't mind, he can't waste time. If you draw one more picture, you can earn a little more money. Anyway, money is the most important thing to him. The boy was thinking sadly, but suddenly the woman's calm voice came from the air full of ink: "You draw very well.".
” Xie Sheng: ".." The woman continues again: "lifelike." Xie Sheng:.. Thank you, Master, for your praise. After listening to the Master's meaningful words, Xie Sheng could hardly hold the brush because of his slender fingers, which had been painting for too long. He couldn't tell whether it was shame or rejection. He didn't want her to see him like this. Yan Shang noticed that Xie Sheng's movements outlined on the paper stopped and coughed lightly. She looked everywhere and saw a hole in the wall. Although it was blocked by a large rag, she could still hear a faint voice coming from the hole, like crying and screaming, which aroused infinite curiosity. Turning around and seeing the young man with his head down and his brush on the paper for a long time without movement, he walked slowly towards the hole and reached out to tear off the rag. On the other side of the cave, there was a burst of noise. Singing with crying sound 。“ Ah Sweetheart, baby, Zoe, you're so strong. Oh! "Woo.." Yuck, push harder.. ".. Words hurt: "… …" The teenager who heard the noise stood up and fell down. Get off the stool Almost in a panic, he stepped forward and grabbed the rag from the injured hand to block it back. Master. Don't look! Words hurt: "… …" Although Xie Sheng told her not to look, in fact she had already seen the situation in the cave clearly. Should say is the Mandarin duck cross the neck, or the men and women. Close Or a bed. What about the joy of the first? …… Yan's injured face burned silently. Sure enough, the spring on the painting. Gong Tong Huo Chun . Gong Yibi Still less a trace of the temptation to make people blush and heartbeat, can not really achieve "lifelike" ah. The author has something to say: Xie Sheng: Master, do you like to see the Spring Palace? Master: [blushing] Not bad, not bad. Are you asking me to draw it for me? Xie Sheng: No,stainless steel edge trim, if you like it, let's play it by ourselves. I received a picture of a sex palace thrown by one of the girls, Shanpu Sauce Rabbit Paper and Mi Xi Paper. It's really lifelike. (Evil charm laughs)]. 
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