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Biographie Yi Yunzhai set up his legs, and the part of his shame was clearly seen by him, which made his face almost burn. Yi Yunzhai slowly pushed his masculinity forward, and Zuo Zhenyu thought it would be a painful thing, but instead of feeling a trace of pain, he was so happy that his whole body trembled. He slowly entered, as if afraid of hurting him, the deeper Yi Yunzhai entered, the more Zuo Zhenyu hoped that he could fill the emptiness in his body more quickly. Zuo Zhenyu clasped Yi Yunzhai's arm tightly, and Yi Yunzhai suddenly entered his body and began to pump it up in his body. Ah Ah Uh-huh. Zuo Zhenyu bit his lower lip, but he couldn't help singing softly. His whole body was almost broken in half by Yi Yunzhai, but not only did he not feel pain, but he was about to faint under the supreme pleasure. Yi Yunzhai kissed his lips, and he couldn't help kissing him back. Under the warm package of Zuo Zhenyu, Yi Yunzhai suddenly trembled all over his body and released everything in his body. Comfortable? Didn't hurt you? What Yi Yunzhai asked made him so shy that he wanted to die, but his worried eyes forced Zuo Zhenyu to tell the truth. It doesn't hurt at all, and.. He blushed and said, "It's still comfortable." As soon as he finished,Walking measuring wheel, Yi Yunzhai's masculinity in his body woke up again. Zuo Zhenyu was so frightened that he opened his eyes wide. Yi Yunzhai kissed him unbearably. Jin-woo, can I do it again? I can finally touch you, love you, I want you very much. Yi Yunzhai said hurriedly. Yi Yunzhai said so warmly and honestly that Zuo Zhenyu's face turned red and his lower body began to move again. He nodded his head and leaned against Yi Yunzhai's chest, feeling the love of Yi Yunzhai's fierce wind and rain. April day exclusive production, please support April day "May I go in, young master?" Xining knocked on the door first,horse weight tape, and then asked in a very low voice. He was afraid of disturbing the people in the room, and since the last incident, let him know not to go in without permission. There was a rustling sound of panic, followed by a light voice, and Xining, standing outside the room, heard the deep voice of Yi Yunzhai. Leave him alone and go back to sleep! Then I heard Zuo Zhenyu's flustered voice. No more.. Xining will know. He wouldn't dare come in without my orders! Don't you think he's standing outside the door and afraid to come in? Yi Yunzhai in the room said as a matter of course. Zuo Zhenyu's beauty can only be seen by him, even if it is his personal servant, still can not watch. I didn't know you were so overbearing. "Of course!"! The last time he looked at me in vain, I really wanted to beat him up. You didn't see the way he looked at you crazily. If I didn't know that you were so beautiful that you could make people lose their minds, I would have beaten Xining long ago. At least I would punish him for not eating for a day. Standing outside the door, Xining's face turned pale, fish measuring tape ,Wheel tape measure, but he knew that Yi Yunzhai was right. On the second day of their wedding, he came in with washing water to wash their faces. He thought that it should not matter if they were all men anyway, but later he realized that he was wrong. On this day, he finally knew why someone was obviously a man, but more than a woman, a man was numb and powerless, even though he was a man, it was still different. That day he happened to see Zuo Zhenyu being held in his arms by Yi Yunzhai, suddenly opened his eyes to see himself, and then blushed with shame, anxious to push Yi Yunzhai away. He had already seen the picture so that his whole body was soft and he was stunned on the spot. Zuo Zhenyu's upper body was slightly exposed, and although his lower body was covered by the quilt, his peerless amorous feelings still made him almost drool. Although he had seen Zuo Zhenyu like this in the cabin last time, at that time he was so angry that he was so shameless that he didn't have time to look at it carefully. Unlike this time, he looked so crazy that he didn't come to his senses until he was roared by Yi Yunzhai. It's really embarrassing to think of trespassing at that time! He never dared to think about Zuo Zhenyu, and just thinking about being with a man, he got goose bumps all over the floor. But if there is a wife like Zuo Zhenyu, it can be considered, considered, but he knows that he does not have this blessing, can only dream about it. I have to pay my respects to my mother-in-law and father-in-law.
” Inside also continues to spread the sound of discussion, every day to such a paragraph, Xining has long been able to recite. No need to go. We just got married. It's normal to sleep late. "But.." But His voice became more overbearing. "No buts." "Well.." Uh What are you doing? Then came a cry of panic from Zuo Zhenyu. Hearing this, Xining knew that they didn't have to be served by him this morning, and immediately turned around and left. He had to go quickly, lest he should hear something he shouldn't hear later. He might have to drink a big pot of green tea to reduce the fire. If he couldn't reduce the fire, he would have to drink the bitter tea to reduce the fire. He doesn't want to suffer! April day exclusive production, please support April day Inside the room, Yi Yunzhai hugged Zuo Zhenyu's body. He wanted to get up, but Yi Yunzhai walked on him with his hands. Don't move any more, or I won't stand on ceremony. As soon as Yi Yunzhai said this, Zuo Zhenyu was too frightened to move. He didn't know he was so overbearing before, but now that he got married, he realized that he was overbearing and loved him, which made him more ashamed than ever. Yi Yunzhai's fingers dexterously explored Zuo Zhenyu's lower body, and after such a flirtation by Yi Yunzhai, he quickly responded with a light hum. Turning over his body, Yi Yunzhai kept kissing him on his lips, and he kissed him back shyly. Zuo Zhenyu now finally knows how to kiss him back, which makes Yi Yunzhai very happy. Zuo Zhenyu's heartbeat encircled Yi Yunzhai's neck and kissed him timidly in his mouth. Kissing Yi Yunzhai at the same time, Zuo Zhenyu's lower body could not help but tremble. Yi Yunzhai quickly put Zuo Zhenyu flat on the bed,Surveyors tape measure, and a sudden movement made him almost cry out impulsively. Although he hid his cry, he could not hide the trembling of his body. Keep your voice down! At daybreak, there will be servants walking outside. 。 
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