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Biographie For a long time, the second aunt appeared in the courtyard and put the lamp on the God's table. The two elders looked at the Central Plains carefully with strange eyes. He is tall and strong, but the outline of his childhood can still be discerned. He spoke first: "Fourth uncle, second aunt, six years." Why are you two old people so old? Don't you know yuan? The second aunt's whole body trembled, and Wei came to him trembling. Tears like rain, open two hands called: "day!"! It's me, young master. I'm old. My eyes are not faint, my God! He grabbed her and said with tears in his eyes, "Auntie, I haven't seen you for six years. What a long time! Where are my parents?" The fourth uncle covered his face and wept bitterly, saying, "Young master, it's a long story. After you disappeared for more than a year.." Alas! Teach me where to start. And? Oh my God In the tone of the fourth uncle, the Central Plains knew that something was wrong. Looking at the light and shadow in the room, they knew that the disaster had befallen their parents mercilessly. Here we go. In the face of the sad news, he calmed down instead, helped the second aunt to sit down on the chair, wiped away her tears, and said to the fourth uncle, "Please." The old man sat down and told me about my father in detail. The fourth uncle also sat down beside him and told him what had happened that day. Finally, he said, "The master and his mother were escorted to Wuchang." There has been no news in the past six years. By rights, the yamen tank should also be able to find out its whereabouts,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, but no one in the state knows the truth, and it has been known for two terms. State, no way to find out. The master had an accident in the seventh year of Tianshun. The following year, the new emperor ascended the throne and granted amnesty to the whole world. There is no corroboration of the master's accusation, and he should be pardoned. Opportunity, but so far more than four years, is still not seen back, especially the mother, she. The old man choked and said that he could not go on. Yes,304 Stainless Steel Wire, a woman who is transferred thousands of miles away and is the wife of a prisoner will die in a ditch if she is not sold by the official media Canal, it's creepy to think of this scene, and you don't have to experience it personally. When Zhongyuan heard that his mother was also involved, he was already in a trance. Suddenly, he shouted "Mom" and fainted to the ground. Go. The two old hands panicked, pinched the man's vest, and woke him up for a long time. When Zhongyuan woke up, he struggled to walk outside the door and said! Please keep quiet, two old people. I'll go and ask Grandfather Gong. "Grandfather Gong has disappeared after your father's accident." "Where is Master Huian?" "Still in the temple, his monks will not know the worldly affairs." "I have to find the master." With that, he opened the side door and left. In the Huilong Ancient Temple, the Buddha lamp in the main hall is bright. There was a slight snore in the meditation room. In the abbot's room, there was no light. Dark shadows floated in. To the roof of the abbot's room. "Tuk Tuk Tuk" used to knock three tiles. In the past, if during the day He could not find time to go up the mountain, so he went to the temple at night to ask Master Hui'an and his father-in-law for advice, so that he could not disturb the other monks. Poo Go up to the roof and knock on the tiles. As soon as he knocked, the old monk of Hui'an jumped up and down. He hadn't heard the familiar knock for more than six years. Suddenly, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he sounded. How can you not be surprised? The true identity of the old monk, no one is familiar with, of course, there are unspeakable secrets, in the temple penance for more than ten years of monks, who also I don't know that he is an outsider with unique knowledge. This time Longgu Temple is too poor and remote, except for the simple peasants near the villagers. Very few strangers came to join him, so he was able to practice penance here without revealing his true identity. Central Plains on the roof, the old monk has been aware of the night people, but never thought of him, secretly sat up and got out of bed, motionless. Color. Song Wuhu has been living in obscurity for nearly three years since he was rescued by Shangguan Gang, the prodigal son of Wulin. Because Prince Wei Rou died in the seventh year of Tianshun, and in the third year (the first year of Chenghua), Emperor Shun Wang Yinqian inherited the title. Shun Yu is the best year of the emperor's grandson, and he can't get up because of epilepsy. Of course. He has a good brother, King Anchang. Yingpu, waiting for medical treatment at dawn and dusk, is very friendly. The people of the palace.. No one dared to come outside, and Wugang was quiet for a while. Quiet until the 16th year of Chenghua. Because the palace was quiet, Song Wuhu did not dare to act recklessly. After three years of keeping a low profile and wandering outside for more than a year, he never found anyone in front of him. Come to Wugang to find him. He grew bolder and returned to Ziyang Village last year. He was much better than before. He seldom walked outside. He had visited Master Hui'an at Huilong Temple many times and kept inquiring about the old man in the palace. The news of.
Master Hui'an thought that Song Wuhu might have found out the origin and development of Gong Laoer, and also suspected that the evil thief had been involved. With their own news. So watch out day and night. The night traveler came, and he guessed that the five lakes had sent someone to test him, so he kept silent. Color. So as not to reveal his identity. When the familiar signal sounded, he was shocked. Why? How do people know that Xiao Zhongyuan once practiced art here? Things? Shit! He found a sheet to put on, found a piece of cloth to wrap up the light brain attack, quietly covered the door, went straight out of the corridor to the back of the prayer hall, and flashed in. In the dark forest, and then cover from the left rear. Under the starlight, I saw a dark shadow, sitting on the third tile where the small Central Plains used to sit in the past, as if waiting for something. Those who want to come will finally come, and the old monk will throw caution to the wind! Suddenly, he shouted to the Central Plains in the distance with the art of transmitting sound for thousands of miles: "Friend, this is Come on, son. Zhongyuan's memory is superior to others. I recognized the voice of Master Huian, who, like an angry eagle, flew over three roof ridges into the forest. Pow. His body was light and elegant, and his oncoming force was so swift that the old monk was startled and thought that Song Wuhu had come. As soon as the man approached, the old monk gave a low shout and shot into the forest. He needs to stay away and do it. So as not to disturb the monks in the temple. Master Ann. It's me. Please wait. The central plains tracking then chase, softly call out. As soon as Hui An heard that his accent was a little familiar, he was startled again. Suddenly he stopped and turned around. "Who do you belong to?" He shouted with his palm across his chest. "I am yuan Er, Master, I." The voice of the Central Plains was sour and trembling, and he ran to the feet of the old monk and prostrated himself. Huian was shocked by the electric shock. He was an eminent monk who was not afraid of ghosts. He reached out and grabbed his shoulders and lifted them up, screaming. Way: "The child." Is that you? It's you, you've grown up, you're not dead, you. Suddenly, he held him in his arms,304 Stainless Steel Coil, old. With tears in his eyes, he cried softly, "God is pitiful. My Buddha has a spirit. I knew early that you were not a dead statue. I expected it. You finally came back.". 
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