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Biographie The baron's uniform had holes in it, and he staggered three or four steps. The wide-open eyes could not see the subordinates in front of them, as if they were just staring at the glorious days that had been lost and would never come back. As the Baron lay on the ground, several people saw his lips move, but no one heard him say, "Long live the Galactic Empire.". Colonel Humaha sighed and went over to his body and closed his eyes. The soldiers who had shot their superiors gathered around Shumaha. Staff officer, what should we do in the future? Soldiers have always relied on reasonable advisers. It's too late to join the Marquis of Rojencrahm. I want to hide in the Faisal Dominion for a while, and we'll talk about it later. I.. Can I go with you? Speaking of which, you are my savior, of course. Anyone else who doesn't want to go with me, just say it. Anyone who wants to join the Marquis of Rojankram, anyone who wants to go home, that's all right. Soon after, under the leadership of the new commander,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, the warship originally belonging to Baron Filgel left the battlefield and disappeared into the abyss of the universe with the exhaustion and scars of the war. Different things happened to the other ships. Without saying a word, the petty officer, who looked coldly at the captain who advocated self-explosion and wanted all the crew to commit suicide, pulled out the beam gun at his waist and shot it in the captain's face. Bastard! You're going to rebel! The exasperating XO tried to pull out his gun to shoot, but was shot instead and lay down on the captain. By this time,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, the ship was filled with interwoven flames. The officers and soldiers split up and started shooting at each other. The conflict between senior officers and soldiers did not only occur on one or two ships. The junior generals, junior officers and soldiers of civilian and junior aristocratic origin refused to take the road of destruction with the aristocrats at the last moment without any choice. The captains of some ships were thrown alive into the nuclear fusion furnace because they often bullied their soldiers. On a ship, two of the most unpopular senior officers were forced to fight each other until one of them died, while the winning side was thrown into space by soldiers through the air valve. On another ship, a soldier who usually acted as the captain's spy and often snitched on the captain was dragged around the ship with a rope around his neck and finally shot. For five centuries, the anger, discontent and resentment that have been smouldering in people's hearts seem to boil under the crazy atmosphere of the battlefield. Many of the ships of the United Noble Army had become the scene of rebellion, internecine warfare, and lynchings. Many of the ships controlled by the soldiers signaled to Reinhardt's army that "we are willing to surrender and hope to be treated leniently", and stopped the power to yield. However, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide price, the soldiers on some of the ships were so keen on revenge that they forgot to send the signal of surrender and were hit by the artillery of Reinhart's army and exploded! In addition, some ships even fired at their own comrades who were defeated to show their position by action. At the last moment, the decadent state of the aristocratic United Army, which had accumulated under the unjust social system for 500 years, was exposed. The whole situation shows the tragic end of its own blame and self-inflicted. Count Malindorf's daughter once said, 'The antipathy of the commoner soldiers to the noble officers will be one of the reasons for our victory.' Sure enough, she was right. On the bridge of the Burrenhill flagship, Reinhart said, staring at the screen, as Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Oberstein answered. To be honest, I didn't think the war would end this year, but I didn't expect it to end so soon. However, this is also the retribution that the thief army deserves. "The army of thieves." Reinhart murmured coldly. Now that he had won a great victory and the aristocracy had been completely defeated, his title of the United Army of Nobles was given positive value in the official records of the Empire. The winner is the king, the loser is the bandit, the trial of the loser is the natural right given to the winner, and Rinehart is ready to exercise this right well. If it is Reinhart who is defeated, there is no doubt that the stigma and dishonor of the "thief army" is all he can get. As soon as he thought about it, he felt that he had no reason to hesitate to exercise this right.
"The enemy ahead has lost the ability to resist.". You will return to Odin within a few days and prepare to deal with the enemy in the rear. Reinhart's order was brief, but Oberstein could fully understand what he meant. Yes Then the battlefield will move from the universe to the court, and the weapons will change from cannons to conspiracies. The intensity of the battle should be no less than the large-scale battle between the fleet. Ⅵ Condor City Fortress is dying. The outer walls were battered by gunfire, and the interior was filled with a chaotic and disorderly voice. Brigadier Anson Bach.. Where is Ansenbach? Cried the Duke of Blanchbeck, leader of the United Noble Army, feebly. Several generals and soldiers passed around him, but none of them gave the dejected nobleman a second glance. They are all faced with the final choice, and no one has time to care about the lives of others. Brigadier Anson Bach.. "I am here, sir." The Duke looked back, and there was a loyal confidant in front of him, followed by several subordinates. Oh, there you are! I couldn't find you in prison. I thought you had escaped. "I was rescued by some of my subordinates." He said nothing about his imprisonment. The Brigadier made a deep bow to the leader. I'm sorry about the situation, sir. "Well, I didn't expect things to turn out like this. There's nothing I can do about it. There's only one way to make peace." "Do you mean to make peace?" The Commodore blinked. I'll offer him a pretty good deal. "What kind of conditions?" Admit the boy's hegemony. The nobles,dap diammonium phosphate, led by me, will fully support him. This should not be a bad condition, right? “…… Duke 。 
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