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Biographie In the wind and snow, a voice said with some difficulty: "Is it Xiao Erge?" "Yes," said Xiao Chenyu calmly. Nine big families rank second, a flute in the southeast of Hanhai! The man sighed softly. Then the wind and snow suddenly separated, and a white shadow suddenly appeared in the air. A man with gray hair and a tall and straight body like a sword appeared. Just a pair of eyes, but full of helplessness, fatigue and gloom: "I really did not expect that Xiao Erge came in person." "To tell the truth.". I didn't think I would make the trip myself. Xiao Chenyu looked at the other side and said with a sigh, "Chunbo, these years.". You're old, too. That man is Li Chunbo. He looked at Xiao Chenyu with a complicated expression and said, "Brother Xiao, can I have a word?" At this time. The people of the Xiao family had already come out of their tents and looked at Li Chunbo one by one as if they were facing a formidable enemy. Xiao Chenyu said lightly, "You all step down.". I'll have a word with my brother. "Ancestors must be careful!"! After all, it is now the position of mutual enemies, if. Before he had finished speaking, he was stopped by Xiao Chenyu's sharp eyes and said, "When will my decision need your permission?" The man was sweating and knelt on the ground: "Ancestor, it's my nonsense..." "Humph!" After a cold hum, the two nine-grade supreme had disappeared at the same time. As if it had never happened at all. In the wind and snow, a pot of wine was slightly hot, two glasses were separated from each other, and a table made entirely of ice and snow was quietly placed in the white snow. Brother Xiao. The last time we had a drink together was about four thousand years ago? Li Chunbo looked at the stone platform and said with some sadness. Pretty good. You still have a good memory. Last time,pallet rack shelving, I brought the wine, and you went hunting. Your barbecue skills are really not bad. Xiao Chenyu carried his hands on his back, and when he saw the stone platform and two glasses of hot wine, his eagle-like sharp eyes also slightly raised a bit of unbearable frustration. Second elder brother and sit, younger brother to shoot a few prey. This time, the second elder brother came to the northwest, and this east should naturally be done by the younger brother. Li Chunbo handed his hand and turned around. I like to eat snow chicken legs. Watching Li Chunbo turn around, Xiao Chenyu added a light sentence. OK! It must satisfy the second brother. Li Chunbo answered calmly. Then he dodged and disappeared into the wind and snow. Watching Li Chunbo disappear for a long time,automated warehouse systems, Xiao Chenyu slowly, slowly, long, sighed. After Li Chunbo left Xiao Chenyu's line of sight, for a long time, he finally spat out a long breath in his chest and sighed gently. It was half an hour before Li Chunbo came back with a large bundle of snow chicken legs and a mountain of dry firewood. At this moment, he did not have the demeanor of a nine-grade supreme strong man, just like a woodcutter who was busy making a living in the mountains. He carried dry wood far beyond his own weight on his back. Xiao Chenyu still stands with his hands on his back, looking as calm as ever, but his heart is as turbulent as the sea flooding, his mood at the moment can be said to be so complex that even his mouth feels bitter and delicate. With Li Chunbo's cultivation, if only hunting such ordinary snow cocks, where can it take such a long time, but a stamp can kill tens of millions of them, as for dry firewood, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, that is, waving things, dry firewood will be shaken off automatically into his hands. But it took him half an hour to prepare these things. So, what exactly was he doing during this time? Do you have the same ups and downs as yourself? With a crash, Li Chunbo put the dry wood on the ground, then shook his hands, and a large number of pots and pans appeared out of thin air. It's all barbecue seasoning. The second elder brother waits a moment, I start now, let the second elder brother try the younger brother's craft later, whether has the retrogression. Li Chunbo said as he worked. Magnificent supreme nine grades, peerless strong, do cooking is meticulous, like a model. However, his back is also so thoroughly bright to Xiao Chenyu, completely without the slightest precaution.
At this time, if Xiao Chenyu gives birth to the heart of harm, just a palm, can let Li Chunbo completely beyond redemption! ………… rq Chapter 782 of the seventh chapter of the seventh chapter of Jiuzhong Tianque, the cold wine can still be warm, how can the cold heart be warm? Li Chunbo's whole body was exposed in front of Xiao Chenyu. He did so without a trace of defense, done naturally to the extreme, without the slightest reluctance, as if everything should be so general, in such a situation, even if the other side is not like Xiao Chenyu nine grades supreme, only eight grades, or even only have seven grades supreme peak strength of the people, a hit, enough to want Li Chunbo's life. As strong as Li Chunbo, how many times in his life will he be as undefended as he is now? Could it be that he did not know that Xiao Chenyu at the moment was already in different ways? Xiao Chenyu's sharp eyes had been watching him busy, and his eyes were getting deeper and deeper. Later, he was covered with a layer of mist for no reason. It seemed that he sighed gently. His calm face finally had a few ripples. Finally, he said with a warm smile: "Let's do it together. Hurry up like this. I haven't done this for a long time, but don't forget how to do it." Then he crouched down and began to fiddle with the dry firewood, two nine-grade supreme, two contemporary strongmen, so one plucked the chicken legs, one dried the firewood, then prepared the seasoning, and then made a fire. The whole process did not use any self-cultivation at all. Each other dangling in front of each other, these two people, any one of them at this time, have absolute certainty to put the other person to death, no difficulty, no risk at all! However, the two people are always busy, it seems that they can not care about anything else, and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the barbecue project. And the expression is very serious,teardrop pallet racking, very solemn. Wait until the fireworks finally rise. The two strongmen ended up covered with soot, and their usually dignified faces inevitably had a few more stains, looking at each other and laughing at the same time. 
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