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Biographie He must be asked carefully if he wants to change the dressing, if he can change the dressing, and if he is willing to do so. If you ask him three or four times, he will turn his face away impatiently, but he will also show his arm in front of you. A pair of "I did not ask you to help me, you are noisy I am very annoying" look, but also the reason why Wang Jun hates every time his teeth itch. Atin carefully removed the membrane that had been attached to the wound. In just three days, all the festering disappeared and the new flesh grew. The injury was totally unexpected. I don't know whether it's Lu Xun's strong constitution or the herbs on that mountain. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the dirty corner of the vest, and she remembered that he had just touched the broom. Shouldn't have touched it. Ting knows Lu Xun's rules. Reach over without permission, and maybe he'll kick her out. I know I shouldn't touch it wantonly, but my fingers give birth to my own ideas. He crudely pinched the corner of his clothes and tried to lift it a little bit to see the injury. Then a short, sharp gust of wind came, and her haunting hand was seized. Lu Xun's palm was large and rough, and his five fingers were eerily long. With a ferocious heat on her skin, it spread into her body along a small clinging piece, and quickly invaded her limbs and bones. Atin's little finger is still hooked on the small corner of his vest. She looked down at her clenched wrists and her heart slowed twice. The author has something to say: Here comes my brother! Cats are animals like this. Because of the usual cold stroke, walk around you and don't let you touch it. So the occasional sight of him lying at his feet brings tears to one's eyes (what a humble cat slave Cat ears The outline of the boy and the girl is faintly twined in the light and shadow. He was a great shadow, strong,rotary vacuum disc filters, clasping her wrist; She was a kitten held down by the claws of a leopard, and she was still childish and did not know how dangerous it was. He looked straight at him with clear eyes, a little frightened. The deep silence lasted a long time. Atin's eyelids dropped and his eyes fell low, staring at his hands. Or Lu Xun's hand. Just now you because I.. I was beaten by my sister-in-law. The voice was very light and subtle, and the other hand was foolishly gesturing the action of the broom. She lowered her head and said, "I want to see if you are hurt." Artin didn't expect much. The last time he just wanted to get close to the wound, he turned his face and hit her in the palm of his hand. This time he wanted to lift his clothes and look at his uncovered back. Wishful thinking. It's useless to think about it. But still have to stubbornly ask: "Look at it?" Not good. There are no eyes in the back of the head, and the back is very fragile. Lu Xun once gave his back to the cat and the wolf dog all over the mountain,lamella tube, but never to his own kind. No one knows his rules better than he does. Now you should shake off this hand and kick this bold little thing out and get rid of her. Anyway, his injuries were getting lighter and lighter, and the cat brought him sharp scissors. He can break away from this boring bondage at any time and become the king of the mountain. As long as he wants. Clearly know how to do, but his fingers also have their own bad thoughts, a loose and tight grip on her. It is suspected that this small bone can be crushed by him. Also suspect that she always does not know heaven and earth, he left, she is not so dare to provoke other wild things? Lu Xun also lowered his eyes and looked at Ating. The soft eyes are slightly red, and the side face is white and fluffy. Just now the family assembly trial, through the cement brick into the ear. His hearing is too sensitive, not necessarily understand what she is saying, but the words outside the small grievance and at a loss, he heard clearly, heard inexplicably irritable. This guy. Finally found that this guy has no minions, fine bubble diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, but has another skill. He lost the first chance in front of her, step by step, step by step, as early as when he first accepted her food, he was doomed to defeat. Lu Xun slowly released her fingers and saw the red marks left on her white skin. Kick your toes again, a black cat in the daytime. Meow? The cat opened its eyes in a daze, purred from its nose, and closed them again. He pressed his toes against its nostrils. Meow, meow, meow! The cat jumped up and scratched its ears, its tail and the sheets. It scratched whatever it saw, and when the tip of its claw touched the soles of Lu Xun's feet, it stopped and hesitated to look at Lu Xun. Right in front of those treacherous eyes. The cat withdrew its claws and licked them, not daring to get angry with him. His eyes circled around and smelled the smell of an enemy. Don't ask.
At that time, it was also one of the victims, and because of a pair of energetic cat ears on its head, it was even worse. The cat jumped up immediately and jumped to Song Jingdong's side. Standing on his hind legs, he clung to his legs, meowing, scratching him with his paws and warning him to get away quickly. All right. Song Jingdong raised his hand to surrender and said three "I go" in succession. The enemy to be on guard against was forced away by himself, and the cat was elated, pushing with its paws and buttocks, closing the door with only a gap left. He stalked to the corner, fell down, and went to catch up on his sleep. With such a quaint cat, it is no wonder that the villagers avoid it. The blazing sunshine was blocked out of the door, and the house was once again occupied by shade. In the darkness, Lu Xun turned around and turned his back to Ating. He sat in a squat, his arms hanging down at will, in a gesture that said, 'I didn't mean to show you, anyway, whether you like to see or not, it has nothing to do with me.' 。 It's so awkward. With a quiet smile in the corner of his eyes, Atin carefully lifted his clothes. A desolate, like ruins of the back appeared in front of us. The scars are everywhere, and the variety is beyond her cognitive range. It is impossible to imagine how many unfashionable things have hurt this piece of flesh, so that the cocoon has become a scar, and the deep traces are hard to disappear over the years. Compared with them, the red mark caused by Song Mushroom's broom is as weak as a grain of sand in the desert. Atin took out the ointment, pressed the end to squeeze out a little, and carefully applied it to the scar. When she does something, she is always so absorbed that she doesn't make a sound. Lu Xun is not noisy, bored to fiddle with the corner of the sheet,rapid sand filters, silent, determined. She was careful not to touch him, and he did not look at her. 
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