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Biographie But these two are super-large military industrial groups with assets of more than 100 billion RMB, and the number of employees is more than 300,000. How can such a company be taken out by the country? The latter two are also not famous, but it can be seen from their names that the instruments produced by the instrument factory are not ordinary instruments. Most of them are military supplies, such as those used by the army, the air force and the navy in the army. The aero-engine factory is one of the companies that produce aero-engines for several state-owned aviation groups, such as Shenfei, Chengfei and Xifei. If a person sees that these groups can actually allow Star Group to buy, they will definitely think that either they are crazy or the country is crazy, but obviously, the country can not be crazy. What do you think? Zhang Yang has some headaches, the No.1 chief is ruthless enough, although these enterprises can be acquired by Star Group, but the acquisition and reorganization is a huge process, more importantly, from state-owned to private.. If one of the turbulence is not cleaned up, the whole group will collapse. Zhang Yang understands the above means. To put it bluntly, in a word, it is a binding policy that binds Star Group and national industries together. No matter which enterprises Star Group has acquired, the number of employees will probably exceed tens of thousands of people immediately. When the time comes, these industries will naturally not be able to spread abroad. Star Group, a huge gold-absorbing group, has naturally remained in China. The kind of thing that happened last time will not happen again,Edible oil filling machine, but the country has not paid the price, China Weapons Industry Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Yang saw the name of some egg pain, I really do not know what the above is thinking, how can be willing to give up ah how willing to give up ah Zhang Yang are speechless, Zhang Yang is now thoroughly understood, ginger or old hot ah. And In fact, to put it bluntly,PET blowing machine, if the Star Group's acceptance is unsuccessful and there are any mistakes, these personnel, factory equipment, and so on will not run away on their own. At the worst, the state will take it back, but I'm afraid the funds will not be returned. Chen Xiaowei looked at the boy in front of her with a strange face. He should be called a boy now. Chen Xiaowei has seen Zhang Yang's ID card. This year, she is only 20 years old, but the scene in front of her makes Chen Xiaowei feel like a dream. When she received the list from the State Council this year, she felt dizzy, and her face was full of incredible. Zhang Yang did not speak, also did not notice Chen Xiaowei that strange expression, he just bowed his head and pondered unceasingly, Zhang Yang and Chen Xiaowei thought before almost, thought just above is willing to let the star group to buy a few engine factories, or can manufacture cars, machine tools and other machinery factories, water bottling line ,juice filling machine, so as to slowly step into the military enterprise, but killed Zhang Yang never thought, above actually has such courage. The world has completely changed. Zhang Yang has an indescribable feeling. It seems that many people's evaluations in the previous life were wrong. It's not that the No.1 leader and other leaders above did not act, but that there was no opportunity for Zhang Yang to praise anyone blindly. But now Zhang Yang has to admit that he can sit in the No.1 position of that country. Strategic vision and courage are absolutely not comparable to ordinary people. Those situations in the previous life, not for, but not for now, with a glimmer of opportunity, the above dare to be so ruthless, obviously, this requires courage is not a minute and a half, but now publicity has to consider other issues, the original publicity thought, maybe spend billions of dollars can be done, but he did not realize that the above action will be so big. And when the news was announced.. Zhang Yang can't imagine how crazy the media will be. Especially the European and American media, perhaps more crazy, Zhang Yang did not want to eat into a fat man, but now there is a chance to let Zhang Yang eat into a fat man, he eat or not? Apart from anything else, if Star Group can take over China North Industries Group, then Star Group will suddenly expand into a giant heavy industry giant. China North Industries Group Corporation, the entire group has a total of more than 300,000 employees, and their businesses include heavy vehicles and equipment, specialty chemicals and petrochemicals, optoelectronic materials and equipment, and other products.
Looking at the introduction of the China North Industries Group Corporation, there are 113 wholly-owned subsidiaries all over the country, and there are 12 institutions of higher learning under the China North Industries Group Corporation, including the Beijing Institute of Technology, which seems to be institutions of higher learning under the China South Industries Group Corporation. To tell the truth, Zhang Yang is really completely confused, killing him can not figure out, how can the above make such a decision. How much money do we have now? For a long time, Zhang Yang raised his head and asked. The annual turnover of China's military industry is close to 150 billion RMB, although the total assets are only about 170 billion RMB, but it is impossible to believe that Zhang Yang will sell the whole group to him at this price. At present, we can mobilize about 400 billion RMB, but we need to use Apple shares to raise funds. Chen Xiaowei had obviously made a budget before she came, and directly gave Zhang Yang an answer. 400 billion, which means about $50 billion. Fortunately, Star Group has no place to spend other funds except for burning a handful of money in the Star Industrial Park. All of them are in the bank. If we use Apple's shares for financing, plus Apple's sales around the world and Apple's share price are rising crazily, it is not difficult to mobilize $50 billion. What do you think? Chen Xiaowei still could not help opening her mouth, the reason why Chen Xiaowei did not make her own decision, because these enterprises were too unexpected for her, even Zhang Yang did not think of it, let alone Chen Xiaowei. It's nice to be fat in one bite, but if you die, you lose more than you gain. Take China Ordnance Group as an example. The entire group has nearly 300,000 employees. At present, Star Group has only 1,Vegetable oil filling machine,000 employees. Even if all of them are managers, it is impossible to manage 300,000 people. 
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