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Biographie Notice to the emperor's son-in-law in Daxing Dynasty by Xuan Lantian

Out of the camp the mountain road was bumpy and when he got on the flat horse road Chengxi was finally able to close his eyes and rest Last night his mood rose and fell sharply and he was very sleepy at this time Just as he was about to go to sleep he suddenly remembered something He opened his eyes and looked around Seeing that there were only three maids in the car he asked "Where is Xu Wan" Inside the carriage Lu Qian Feng and Hua Zhu were all stunned They bowed their heads and knelt at her feet weeping but not speaking The four big maids had been with her for more than ten years Seeing their expressions Chengxi's heart suddenly sank No one spoke so she had to guess the best "" Is Xu Wan injured The three men kneeling at her feet did not answer hung their heads and choked silently and could only see their shoulders shaking A mouthful of fishy sweetness welled up in his throat Chengxi took out his veil and coughed blood quietly Then he put the veil back in his sleeve He closed his eyes and Computer Hardware & Software whispered "Tell me" "Last night in order to protect the flowers Xu Wan was cut by an assassin and his breath was weak" A few of us ran with her for a while and she was out of breath halfway The guards have no time to take care of her We can't take her with us We can only put her down With two sobs and a look of regret she fell to the ground and sobbed deeply "We followed the prince back to the Tiger Gun Camp and this morning we went all the way back to look for her" When I looked for her body it was gone Chengxi was as distressed as a knife and his eyes were even blacker How could the corpse run away by itself In the wilderness he would not think about it except to be taken away by wild things Such a good girl the same age as herself still so young Often quiet and silent I have been a big servant girl for so many years but I haven't learned how to read people's words and expressions Among the four servant girls I am the most impersonal but I have the most skillful hands I have combed her hair for more than ten years and tied up her hair for more than ten years Now there are no bones left Xu was born late in a beadle's family and only a girl of such a background could enter the palace to be a servant girl of a noble person It's just that her parents in order to seek a future heard that the female officials in the palace could help their families and without thinking they picked two daughters and sent them to the palace as maidservants which is not a good parent Holding back the tears in his eyes Cheng Xi saw that the three of them were still kneeling in front of him He called softly "Get up It's not your fault" Several maids were kneeling and could not get up and Chengxi did not have the strength to persuade them any more He looked tired and said "Let's set up a memorial tablet in the small Buddha Hall of Changle Palace" Send all her usual clothes and jewelry back to her home outside the palace and treat her family well especially her sister You can't set up a tomb in the palace This is the rule and no one can make an exception Even if such as old Wei father-in-law in front of the body honor plus body after death can only get a thin coffin if the master has the intention to attract a Taoist priest to do a simple ritual it must be a blessing accumulated in three lifetimes Even if Xu had been with her for many years even if she had entered the palace as a maidservant at the age of seven China Manufacturers the palace was already her home But when they arrived they could only be sent back to the palace Xu Qingjian blew the wind outside the tent for a long time but the spring breeze was warm not the cold wind in the twelfth lunar month how could it also blow away his upset heart He didn't want to come to the paddock this time but his heart was still in a mess How could he have fun But when I heard that Chongrun was coming I couldn't help following him From a distance to see her immediately heroic posture the heart is like and sad and sad Last night in the evening he had followed the guards to a safer camp and the guards surrounded the young lady dragging hundreds of meters in front and back He was so concerned that he fell from the head of the team to the end of the team but he still didn't see Chongrun which made him feel wrong For a moment there were surprises and doubts in my heart but more of them were sad Others followed all the way to the Tiger Gun Camp but she stayed if she was not the instigator of the assassination what reason could there be But he just can't put his heart down! Make up your mind to see it in person before you can give up completely Even if she was really behind it she had to see it before she could be convicted! Xu Qingjian did not dare to take the main road for fear of bumping into the pursuing assassin so he ran all the way back to the camp from the wild path The paddock was a mess and the tent was burned beyond recognition but there was no one around It happened that Jiang Yan and the princess were discovered by the assassin who followed them into the woods Xu Qingjian picked up a loophole but did not meet the assassin
When he heard a fight in the woods he flew to check it out With blood all over the floor and bodies lying across the ground he looked at the man surrounded by several assassins It was Chong Run! At that time Chong Run had lost his strength but he didn't fall down because of his strength After letting the princess and Jiang Yan go Chongrun and Feng Shaofang came down from the hillside and were surrounded by more than a dozen masked men with Chemicals brown ochre and light armor In order to avoid people's eyes and ears the other bodyguards had already been sent to other places by Chongrun At this time only she and Feng Shao were two people How could they deal with the assassins who came to kill her She fought and retreated with Feng Shao barely killing several assassins The body was cut a lot of cuts the abdomen was also stabbed a sword bleeding can hold a life is lucky Xu Qingjian hurriedly help up the prime minister's family education is strict the man is both civil and military his martial arts is naturally not bad The assassin also deliberately hid from him as if he knew his identity had no intention of hurting him and split the knife at the heavy run behind him Three people work together and the disadvantage is not obvious On the other side the leading assassin saw this and his eyes were so sharp that he did not avoid him any more He went straight at Xu Qingjian with a knife At this time the rest of the bodyguards came late the situation between the two sides was reversed in a flash and the remaining assassins had to retreat Dropping the open sword in his hand Chong Run immediately fell to the ground Xu Qingjian rushed forward and hugged her looking surprised and uncertain "Chong Run how did you get hurt" You're not Chong Run's eyes were black and he suddenly realized that he must have thought he was the mastermind of the assassination When he saw that he had been stabbed by an assassin he overturned the original conclusion As his mind changed Chong Run neglected to cover the wound "The assassin is not one of my men" he said solemnly "Do you believe it" Xu Qingjian frowned as if lost in thought and heard her raise her voice and shout "You idiot!"! If you don't bandage me up quickly I'll bleed out if you don't hurry up! Xu Qingjian suddenly came to his senses looking at her abdominal blood flow distressed to death in a hurry to stop her bleeding "you" What about the two young men around you 。 
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